In the heat of battle you'll rarely come up against multiple deep-thinking decisions all at once. .
Once you start playing too many tables and going on autopilot for your big decisions, the law of diminishing returns sets.
Seeing more hands per hour means you'll have to å poke på facebook make more decisions.
Lew, leif sloth christensen who plays online under the screen-name nanonoko is a member of Team PokerStars Online and regularly plays up to 24 tables of online poker at a time.The software has a bunch of cool other features to help players keep their tables organized effectively. .This applies to old salts as much as it does to those new to multi-tabling. .A personal tip if you are multi-tabling tournaments : When I play 12 or more tables I will sort my tournaments by blind level. .If you're just learning to play online poker, multi-tabling is not for you. .

#2: Use a Heads-Up Display (HUD) It's really important to have a heads-up display when you're multi-tabling because you need to make decisions really quickly and you need to know who the tight and loose players are.
If you're playing a lot of tables you don't really have time to click the very specific spot where the fold button.
It might be demoralizing if you become a break-even player or even start losing because you're playing too many tables.If youre tiling tables it allows you to maximally use your screen space by removing titlebars and borders of Pokerstars tables.3) Take Notes Even if you can't pay attention to every single hand going on, make sure you watch the big ones and take detailed notes. .The last situation you want to face is to be contemplating a large river raise on one table and then time out with aces on another.Your game, and ultimately your profits, will suffer. .Well, that and you can avoid dealing with the three S's of live poker: Slow games, sloppy dealing and, stinky degenerates, but I digress.Try and make them short and sweet and informative. .If you always make it three big blinds before the flop just make a hotkey for.