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Earthquake for stab, paired with Soft Sand and Dragon Dance, you can south park casino slots essentially "Earthquake all the things" into Oblivion.
Return paired with a Silk Scarf releases insane damage, and hits almost every type.
Please note, that this team is built for just before the.
S21 Episode 6 Mission: Total Recall!Raichu-Alola is also key in defeating Totem Kommo-o, with Pelipper supporting.Coupled with Choice Specs, it fires off devastating attacks that not many Pokémon appreciate.Faust here, and this is a team, i built focused on Decidueye for my second playthrough of Ultra Sun!Type, dragon Flying, abilities.PvP, team, building Guide, best Special Moves For Shallot, training Items XP Drop Locations.Bewear is essentially a coverage Pokemon, so his moveset is flexible to adjust to your team 's needs.Along with Decidueye, helps immensely with Hala.S21 Episode 2 Now You See Them, Now You Dont!If you can, by all means go for it!Either Rock move can be used to assist Raichu in defeating the Flying E4 member.Bewear is the easiest Pokémon to swap out, as just about every other Normal type in the game can fill it's role just the same, but Bewear's typing of Normal/Fighting is a very welcome change to the game and functions rather uniquely.

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Houndoom fire /Dark) @ Choice Specs, early Bird, timid.
S21 Episode 3 Deceiving Appearances!
Dragon Ball Legends, team, builder, equipment Guide, bardock's Special Damage Calculation.
Sludge Bomb for Fairy and Grass/Water coverage.Flygon (Ground/Dragon) @ Soft Sand Levitate Adamant/Jolly Earthquake Dragon Claw Fire Punch/Rock Slide/Stone Edge Dragon Dance The resident Ground type of the team, Flygon is your boi.If running Thunder to play off of Pelipper bringing in Rain, I would suggest Electrium Z instead of Aloraichium.However, I feel the Swords Dance set makes the most of what Decidueye has to offer.With the stats to be a decent mixed attacker, Decidueye can be a potent threat with a variety of viable sets.Fire Punch gives you a way to hit Grass types and Steel/Electric types with Magnet Rise/Levitate, or ny norsk casino the likes of Skarmory.Intimidate, salamence Profile 421, cherrim 421, type, grass, abilities.S21 Episode 4 A Masked Warning!Swords Dance for setting up a sweep, or alternatively Sucker Punch for added offensive pressure against faster opponents.