By, after some 12 games, Ruch was the leader of the 10-team League.
Games of the first championships started on All major teams (except for Cracovia) took part.
The current (as of August 2015) officially sanctioned Championship stars are: Golden Star 10 or more Polish Championship titles: Silver Star 59 Polish Championship titles: White Star 14 Polish Championship titles: All-time league table edit The all-time league table consists off all the teams that.
19271932: dominance of Kraków teams edit In 1928 Cracovia finally decided to enter the league, which was gladly accepted by all fans sunmaker online casino erfahrungen of football.Football officials did it on purpose with fewer teams, the competition was supposed to be harder, which would attract fans to the stadiums.20-latek wszedł z ławki i dobił kielczan precyzyjnym strzałem.In 19 there were 12 teams in the League.Bold - indicates teams currently playing in the Ekstraklasa 201718 season.Piast - Korona (4:0 Udany debiut Tomczyka w Piaście!Michał Jaroszyński Fall 1938.The Ekstraklasa is now operated by the Ekstraklasa SA (English: Ekstraklasa.

During the course of the season each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 30 games (240 games in the season).
Clubs by number of league championships edit Bold indicates clubs currently playing in the top division.
Wisła Płock, zagłębie Sosnowiec.
Both channels will get their own league magazine.
The creation of the League was announced on Cracovia edit The only opponent of the league's formation was Cracovia a very influential and strong organization in Polish football of the 1920s.Cracovia - Lechia (4:2 zobacz skrót meczu).It is unknown where the idea of a Polish league originated from, however a national league was thought to be a much more practical solution than hitherto practiced two-stage system of regional matches followed by a national match.Tadeusz Dręgiewicz League Suspended 22 February 1947 - VP pzpn for League 22 February 1947.Kraków's side absence lasted for a year it returned in 1937, to become the champion.Two weeks later, in mid-December, pzpn's officials changed the result of the Warta Klub Turystow Łódź game.Kghm Zagłębie Lubin podtrzymało status najlepiej punktującej drużyny w wiosennej rundzie.In late February 1927, at the pzpn's meeting in Warsaw, its officials openly opposed the formation of a league, but the clubs, allegedly egged on by some generals from the Polish Army (which, after May Coup of 1926, played a key role in all aspects.During this time, only once (Warta Poznań, 1929) the championship was won by a side from a different city.