Primary Stat: Cunning, secondary Stat: Endurance, primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol.
Karagga's Palace is certainly before Scum and Villainy in progression.
Your alignment tree will show in the game and you can see how many points you need to grow in whichever side you choose.
If youve played swtor for the poker bay even a little bit of time, you know that you will at times be presented with storyline choices that ask you to chose Dark Side or Light Side options in the cutscenes.Companion of: Jedi Knight, companion Appearance Customization guide with screenshots of different customizations (Work in Progress).Given S V is a 55 Operation released with RotHC and given that Makeb is there to level players from 50-55, it makes more sense to place S V after Makeb, and so that is what I've done.The game will reward you based on the choices you make.Doc has visited every major galactic battleground over the past five years and saved more lives than even he can count.Esseles can give you 250 light side points with each run.

Some characterize Doc as a blowhard and scoundrel, but these individuals have never required his impressive surgical skills.
Then rinse and repeat.
Are there any places that worked well for you to grind light or darkside points?
Here are best poker pairs some tips and suggestions for farming points for either side.
In addition, spoiler doesn't Karagga die as the final boss of KP at the hands of the Republic/Imperial strike team?In regards to the bonus series, they are placed where they are because that is where they fit in with the levelling structure, but also where the breadcrumb quest to go back and complete said bonus series is made available, and could therefore be said.Repeat about 4 times to get 800 LS points.Take 10-15 minutes and run through.Certain daily quests and Flashpoints have Light Side options.Maybe you did S V story quest before you did the KP story quest?What tips would you add?Again, as I said, if the list is then supposed to be an accurate representation of how the storyline progresses, from a chronological standpoint, there are several errors.

You will earn Dark and Light Side points that you can then use later in the game for rewards, gear and more.