Artillery and Tactical Missile Launchers become prominent at tier 2, so players need to invest in Shield Generators and Tactical Missile Defense.
The Cybran Torpedo upgrade and Seraphim health regeneration upgrades can be equally obnoxious.
The nature of the bonus depends on both of the structures, and can be very useful.
Rate Of Fire Bonus When placed next to power generators, static artillery units gain a rate of fire bonus which can be very significant, especially when considering that a 60 reload time can be achieved, and how much cheaper 4 T3 power generators are than.Supreme Commanders Experimentals delivered a power fantasy; there's something fun about sending your giant robot over to the enemy base and watching the carnage ensue.T3 static artillery include Salvation has decreased range, damage, accuracy, cost and buildtime and increased damage radius and turret moving.Relevance to Ashes of the Singularity There's a lot that Supreme Commander gets right, and it'd be foolish to reinvent the wheel instead of embracing those lessons in a way that leverages the existing strengths of Ashes.Power Drain, certain units and structures would drain power, such as Shield Generators, Radar and commander abilities.But in addition to that, powergenerators give a general discount on energy consumption to static artilleries.Naval is well designed because it is just one of the many strategies when playing on water maps, but there was one big flaw.If not for the popularity of Supreme Commander, Ashes would probably would have been far less successful.Mass or energy can saved or produced, leading to a total of 4 possible bonuses.Making decisions around this behaviour lottery shop unlock festival plaza is not recommended as the energy reduction is very low compared to the resources invested.

It is good to play with nuke/shields collide mod.
Badass late game stuff, due to the unlimited scalability of economy and production, every faction has incredibly powerful late game tools.
There were a lot of tools for automation of unit management and production, allowing players to focus on the large scale macro management and not have to worry about micro-managing their units.
Economy structures benefit from from adjacency bonuses when placed next to each other; Mass and Power Storage next to the equivalent resource structure would improve its yield while Power Generators would reduce the power drain of adjacent structures and boost the rate of fire.But we thought, hey, if we have to really bust ass to get this game out, lets see if we can make it a more accessible and mainstream game by shrinking the scope and scale a bit, and in some ways that worked, but.There's also many kinds of base defenses, from protection structures such as Shield Generators, Tactical Missile Defense and Walls to combat defenses such as Point Defense, Artillery Installation and Tactical Missile Launchers.These include Experimental Assault Bots and Air Units, Rapid-Fire Artillery Installations that saturate global targets, Nuclear missiles that can annihilate an entire base, and Experimental structures to provide a utility such as generating unlimited income. .Insufficient Tactical Missile Defense could see shields overwhelmed from missile bombardment but not enough Point Defense could result in the position being crushed by a direct assault.Although Supreme Commander is on the opposite end of the RTS spectrum, it resonated with me, and many LANs of my teenage years were spent playing.Radar structures covered a long range and with full precision, so there was lots of seeing enemy movements and trying to intercept and outmanoeuvre.This poll from our site is a good demonstration as to why: It's a small sample size, but according to this, half of our player base chose Supreme Commander as their favorite RTS.

Later during the tier 1 land battles, players tech into air factories, where they now have to think about mixing anti-air while reacting to bomber raids and air transport drops.