Items resembling a bomb, hand grenade or other explosive device, except as provided in the poke bowl with cooked salmon Hazardous Materials section.
This information must be included on the Commercial Invoice for all.S.
If a substitute form of Commercial Invoice is needed to complete delivery of the shipment, and FedEx Ground completes such a document, the terms of this tariff will continue to govern.The shipper will also be responsible for any cost FedEx Ground may incur in returning shipments to the shipper or warehousing them, pending disposition.The clearance entry fee is subject to all applicable Canadian taxes.FedEx Ground will refuse and may return any shipment that is considered unsafe, unlawful, or violates the terms and conditions of the FedEx Ground Tariff.The shipper authorizes FedEx Ground to forward all information of any nature regarding shipments to any and all governmental or regulatory agencies that request or require such information.

Letters of credit. .
In addition to the preceding terms and conditions, the additional terms and conditions below apply exclusively to international shipments to Canada.
In order to expedite customs clearance, FedEx Ground may elect to disburse duties and taxes on the importer's behalf.Firearms, weaponry and their parts (and replicas thereof).And will not transport shipments that violate.S.Foreign Assets Control Regulations and applicable export laws and regulations of any country to, from, through or over which your shipment may be transported.By utilizing this consolidation service, the shipper agrees that:. .If a shipment is returned to the shipper, the shipper is responsible for payment of both the original transportation charges and the return charges.Human corpses, human organs or body parts, human and animal embryos, or cremated or disinterred human remains.Drug Enforcement Administration, including, but not limited to, Kratom and Salvia Divinorum.These are payable by the importer of record (normally the consignee, unless otherwise indicated) in the first instance.FedEx Ground assumes no responsibility for the inability to complete a delivery due to incorrect or missing documentation.Drug Enforcement Administration export permit. .In addition, you agree and warrant that you will not attempt to ship to any entity owned by any party, in the common ownership interest determined by the relevant listing authority, subject.S.Ghost guns and other firearms not containing a serial number.

Any firearm or other weapon manufactured using a 3-D printing machine.
Plants, plant materials and seeds, including cut flowers.