rail nation lottery levels

There will be more information on this further below.
We will send out those emails.
We hope you still enjoyed the game and it was good to see how many players stayed until the end despite the difficulties!
Every day you can get a free lottery ticket.
Both cities were able to defend their starting position until the end.The RTS (real-time system) calculates all actions carried out by players in real time in the background.GistWarGeneral is the winner of the single-player ranking, followed.You can buy more tickets by purchasing them at a cost of 25 gold.

Yet, we saw a fierce head-to-head battle for third place.
Money, prestige, piece of clothing.
This was really an amazing achievement for a city that only joined the endgame in ninth place.Canada 19, SwenMV, Mityxa and, sev01 were close, but didnt make the top 20 in the end.On the one hand, we are of course delighted that we have been able to convince so many of you to play Rail Nation Masters.Lottery level, prestige required for upgrade, rewards.You will soon be able to transfer the Gold to a server of your choice via the Gold transfer feature.We will get together in the coming days and thoroughly analyse the last.5 months to make sure that next time we can provide you a much better gaming experience.While we have servers with a similar number of registrations every now and again, the activity is considerably lower in those cases.It lottery instant win games fixed seemed that players didnt even get any rest at night.Karfagen also improved their rank by one place.It was the first round of Rail Nation Masters for both you and us and we can learn a lot from.It wasnt quite as settled further down the ranking.The lottery ticket will give you a random sd slot on hp laptop not working reward.