4Bet Ratio A mathematical value for how often somebody re-raises a 3Bet.
Let's see what it will bring.
Read more, apply profile settings to any poker table automatically.Do you want a simple step by step guide to show you exactly how to start winning consistently right now?Read more, create preset bet sizing by filters for different game situation.The minute they try and take a note on me, it is completely wrong the next time they play against.An exploitative poker strategy is how I created results like this, among the highest of all-time at the micro stakes Other approaches like GTO (game theory optimal) poker for instance, which has become popular in recent years, are far less effective against players like this.Ideal for 6max - 20, ideal for Full Ring -.Automatically click on 'Time Bank' and 'I'm Back' after a time out fold.But quickly before I get to the actual numbers some people reading this might want to know what the best poker HUD.They might also do better by folding their blinds more often or less often than suggested above.This includes information both before and after any cards are dealt.

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And nearly every online professional poker player who I know uses PokerTracker as well.
By game type: tournaments or not.
Reference Material Starting Hand Charts, Trees etc.
Summary HUDs may : Display an unlimited number of numerical based statistics on the frequencies of specific actions having occurred by the respective player, providing it is calculated from hands in which the end-user personally participated.By string in window title.So it's the clear winner in my opinion.Turn CBet The percentage of the time that somebody makes a continuation bet on the turn after raising before the flop.Player Notes, finally, note-taking has always been available and a big part of online poker, and the tool remains one of the most-used elements of the PokerStars client.Hopefully this will help you know what to shoot for in your own play and what to look for in your opponents as well.Do not use this stat where the grouping is by Description, Buy-In, or by Tournament.

I use it very often.
It is particularly useful when I want to know who I can bluff and who not to bluff.
2.1)Reference material that provides advice that goes beyond a basic level, such as a large collection of tables offering recommendations beyond whether to play certain hands or not in unopened pots.