So, if youve been wondering what does a poker tournament director do, its actually quite a lot.
Jack is a full-time employee of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, working on wsop events year-round and blackjack 127 overseeing development and execution of international poker operations.
Jacks involvement in tournament poker began in 2000 with the World Poker Open and in 2004 he became a full-time tournament director.He also manages tournament poker operations at all Caesars Las Vegas properties as well as special poker events at those locations.The tournament director (TD for short) is the person responsible for running the poker tournament.You can follow Jack on Twitter at: m/JackEffel.So, if there are any unclear situations at a table or a player doesnt agree with the dealers decision for whatever reason, the tournament director is called over.They need to know rules of the game to the letter and also be able to make decisions that are in the spirit of the game where rules are unclear.His poker career began in 1997 and he has held nearly every position in the industry including: dealer, supervisor, manager, tournament director and director of poker operations.

There is lot of logistics involved with preparing and successfully completing a poker tournament.
So, what does a poker tournament director do?
On the international front, Jack has served as tournament director of the World Series of Poker Europe since inception in 2007 and added wsop Asia-Pacific oversight in 2013.With a stellar background in all facets of the game, Effel has been at the center of the poker boom over the last decade.As the popularity of poker has exploded, Jack has drawn on years of industry experience to advance the game, attract players, and ensure the World Series of Poker maintains an industry-leading position.However, what we see on TV or even when playing in a casino is just a small part of what actually goes into preparing and running a tournament.His father organized poker games in the 1930s and 40s for his fellow troops while serving in the army.Still, a tournament director is ultimately responsible for whatever happens, so they need to keep the eye on the ball.Jack strongly believes that a sensible standardized set of tournament poker rules is good for everyone: players, dealers, floor staff, management, sponsors, and the hosting properties.He has continuously innovated new tournament solutions that benefit both players and host properties.Their job entails various roles, one of which is announcing shuffle up and deal!This is the part of the job before the tournament even starts.

Even though the TDA Summit is scheduled in the middle of his busy wsop calendar, Jack still makes time to attend each one.
Poker tournaments have become one of the best-known and most popular ways to play the game of poker.
They need to come up with a tournament structure that meets the players expectations but also fits the casino or poker room schedule.