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Peckham History April Science Series.
Fischer President's Letter October Saving Irises Mrs.Norris AIS Business January In Your Backyard-In My Garden Robert Pries Varietal Reviews Garden Reports January C Flooded Iris Beds Barbara-Jean Jackson Garden Reports January : The Most Challenging Year Barbara-Jean Jackson Garden Reports More rain than wanted!Arney,." Louisiana Iris April Louisiana Irises - a challenge Inez Conger Louisiana Iris April Paul H Cook-My Friend and Yours "Harned, Harold H" Commentary Eulogy April The Ketchum Memorial Iris Garden Carl Carpenter Garden Reports How it began April A Few Thoughts on Iris.Ries Scientific July Verbena Bud Moth Scientific July "1928 Notes Irises, Beardless and Otherwise".Ralph E" Garden Reports October Lesser Known Iris for the Garden "Reed,.Hager Cup" Photograph July C "Awards Banquet, President Roy Epperson, Marky Smith Dykes Medal Winner" Photograph July C The Hughes Garden - Richard's Joyous Love Photograph July C "Gardens, White Amber, Star Lion, Scott and Debbie Hughes" Photograph July C "Kansas State Research Center, Copper.Wood" Photograph January B "Rena Crumpler, Carol Ramsey" Photograph January Two New Board Members AIS Business January New Regional Vice Presidents Regional Reports January B "D.Fenninger Obituary October ".Richard.(Carol) Ramsey" Photograph January B William.

Arthur Nelson Photograph First Vice-President January.
Schortman Garden Review Varietal Comments April B Pink Taffeta (Rudolph) Photograph April B Seven Leagues (Moldovan) Photograph April B Repartee (C K Smith) Photograph April B Roman Villa (Gaskill) Photograph April Irises We'd Like to See Again Hoyt and Edith Smith Garden Review Varietal Comments.
Valerie West" Photograph January B "Edith Lowry, in memoriam" Photograph Showing her medals and irises January IBC C "Danielson 66-1, Big Black Bumblebee, Danielson 69-1, Danielson 69-2" Photograph Arils January FC C "Flight of Angels, Golden Memories, Marquesan Skies, Connoisseur, Cambodia, Zanadu" Photograph Section Two.Ackerman honored July "In memoriam: Frank Harold Alexander, Joe Dillon, Marion.Kinsey Garden Reports July Here and There Among the Lowly of the Tribe Ella Porter McKinney Commentary July Iris Overture Thura Truax Hires varietal comments July Irises that bingos perros Bloom in the Fall Clint McDade Rebloomers July Intermediates Sherman.Arthur Nelson Editor's Letter July "Iris Culture and Hybridizing for Everyone" Wilma Vallette Book Review July Region Four Introduces New Judges Training Program.Mott" Robins July Our Members Write.Waltermire Obituary January In memoriam:.Reed and Bunkio Matsuki International Apogons - Bulletin info from TOC July Preface International July Hana-shobu and Related Plants Culture July History of Hana-shobu varietal comments July Garden Varieties Garden Reports July Descriptions varietal comments July Hunting for Rarebits II - The Louisiana species Ethel.Allen Scientific April Iris Borer Control Trials in 1976 Richard.

Kleinsorge Photograph January.
Hahn, coordinator" April In Memoriam Mrs.