Origin, the concept of creating a hybrid character has been illustrated through Pokemon fan art since as early as November 2008 with a contest hosted by the Kongregate message board to see who could create the best fused sprite out of Pokemon creatures in canon.
The winning submission (shown below) incorporated various features from Infernape, Giratina, Metang, Articuno and Alakazam.
True Monsters Reimagining The Whole Pokedex Out of Your Nightmares So Mecha Beautiful Battles Not So Scary Garfield Friends Anatomically Correct Minimalist Overwatch Crossover Steampunk Versions Photo: LindseyWArt via deviantart 437.6k votes.8k voters.5M views 35 items The Pokemon Fusion generator has been around for years now, but.1 23,393 votes Nidonine (Nidoking Arcanine) Photo: Imgur 2 21,583 votes Magnetoise (Magneton Blastoise) Photo: Imgur 3 21,671 votes Charchamp (Charizard Machamp) Photo: Imgur Photo: Imgur Filed Under: Polls more popular lists 6 Amazing Stories of Exploring the American West The Best Actors in Film.It was first advertised on the Psypoke forums by a friend of Onsager's.The game was released in November 2012, after which updates were made available to fans via the game's official Tumblr.

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Spread, in February 2009, a thread for Pokemon Fusion fan art appeared on the.
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It also blends the names, yielding a new character.Inspired by the original, pokemon Fusion The images used for each pokemon even for gen one are different from the link above so enjoy the differences between them pokefans!Created Apr 20, 2015, tags: Pokémon Quiz, 1-5, gen, legendary, Legendary Pokémon.Vote up the Pokemon fusions that amused you the most, whether you'd actually want to catch these Pokemon, or just think they're ugly and worth gawking.In January 2010, a fan artist who goes by the handle Kurcio showcased a number of hand-drawn hybrid sprites on Soul Boards.