poka yoke ppt

Warning Sensors Each category of sensors includes a broad range of devices that can be used depending on the process.
A.5-inch floppy disk will not work if inserted backwards or upside down.
On Varian machines, assemblers are guided by small machined-in pictures that cannot wear off.
Below are a list of examples of poka-yoke applications.Fixed value type The fixed value method is a design that makes it clear when a part is missing or not used.Additionally, service organizations interface in many different ways to transfer a service to the customer.The switch prevents workers from using air wrenches to tighten bolts on the assembly until they cycle an oil gun into the gearbox.Stops adding value to defective product.Contact Method, a steel pin on a fixture keeps incorrectly placed parts from fitting properly.Raj hvor mange danskere spiller lotto Mukundan, group Number-.19 physical contact sensors These devices work by physically touching something.

Today, this concept is in wide use in Japan.
Without the jig, there would be no indication that anything is missing.
Every Customers has a right to demand 100 good product /service and poker for beginners every provider has an obligation to provide the same.
Bad products hurt both reputation and bottom line (Scrap, rework,.,.) Defects have a direct impact on process yield affecting speed and flow of the product to the customer.
Open the other side." When the correct side is opened, a book titled "Setting Up Your Computer" is on top of the packing material.Any point in the process where adjustments are made for machine or process setups is a prime location for poka-yoke devices.The jig has tops that allow it to be quickly positioned correctly on the car's chassis.Environments with frequent interruptions and distractions are prime locations for poka-yoke devices."The Human Side of Mistake-Proofing." Production and Operations Management 10,.John Grout attributed defects to three sources: variance, mistakes, and complexity.Installing a device on a drill to count the number of holes drilled in a work piece; a buzzer sounds if the work piece is removed before the correct number of holes has been drilled.Evans and William.Traditionally, the SSA had approximately fifteen to twenty batch processing failures per month, and a myriad of system file failures due to operators performing the process out of proper sequence.Tangible poka-yokes attempt to improve the tangible, physical impression and experience for the customer in addition to the direct task of the server (i.e., dirty office, unkempt server, sloppy documents).Lindsay present these examples in their book The Management and Control of Quality: Color-coding a wiring template to assist the worker.A device detects when each component is removed from a dispenser; if a component is not removed, the device alerts the assembler before he can move on to another unit.This takes the control out of the hands of the cash register operator, eliminating errors and speeding up the processing of customers.