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Who has coop medlem bonus to defend here?
I would also appreciate if some of the coaches would give me an answers here #1 : Preflop 6handed (nlhe PLO) : UTG Opens.
Still i wrote it here to confirm from other players.
Recently i just fell deep into world of optimal game as i found many reasons why is it always more EV than exploitive strategy for anyone untill they develop their skill close the level of Phil Galfond and such.
This topic however i dont wish to discuss.What if UTG opens and a position which didnt put blind money in the pot, comes along and calls?(Not 3bet) What happens then?Note:This wasnt that hard to figure out, just a little bit of logic.If SB and BB have to collectivelly defend "X" here, then SB has to defend.33 of "X" and BB has to defend.66 of X here, the reason is because SB share of blind money put into pot.5bb from.5bb (33).From opposite view, What are positions with no money in pot supposed to do between correlation of raiser and defender?I found many problems in preflop game and i will need Run It Once members to help me with this.The questions are somehow connected together, hopefully someone will give me really good answers and get me to understand this preflop game.In a game of optimal approach, is BB even supposed to defend the required frequency or should he defend much wider because the pot odds he is given?Thank you, 7th Lion, loading 5 Comments.Ultimately, how do you construct ranges for these positions?#2 : Preflop 6handed - Value, Bluff.Posted by, hello everyone!

Equally this applies even to any position being 3bet.
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#4 : Preflop 6handed - Overdefense?
So far what i understood over my theory experience, only SB and BB has to defend here, the reason is because only they put the blind money in pot.
Equities in PLO run much closer than in nlhe.What is really determined as value and what is determined as bluff in preflop?#3 : Preflop 6handed - Late Position interference.If #1 is correct, there is still a problem.Rory is an online nlhe PLO grinder and poker writer.Run It Once Poker Poker.

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