The Pro and Edge versions are intended for mid to bonus code bingo com high stakes players with beefy PC's, deep pockets and commitment to improving.
That being said I'd advise everyone (even if you have a thousand bucks burning a hole in your pocket right this second) to start with this option.
You can buy each version at a fixed price and you can upgrade to the higher tier at a later date if you decide to do so: PioSolver Free 0 PioSolver Basic 249 PioSolver Pro 475 PioSolver Edge 1099 The free version of PioSolver. You can setup player's ranges via an intuitive interface that resembles other pieces of poker software that allow for preflop hand selection (like PokerStove, Flopzilla or Equilab).After that it's time to input bet and raise sizes on different streets for the in position and out of position player (if you want to allow for lead bets from out of position player make sure to tick the "Include OOP bet" box).Once you're satisfied with the ranges you need to input additional information like the board texture, starting pot size and effective stacks (assuming 5/10 blind structure).Should you use PioSolver?In reality, preflop aggression isn't really a factor when you're trying to figure out what's truly optimal in a certain situation.Piosolver is extremely complicated and the information provided above can only scratch the surface when it comes to the possible uses of the program.You'll have to learn how to approach the game from the GTO point of view in order to use Piosolver correctly.By inputting the "all-in threshold" you can make sure that if any of the previously set-up bet sizes would force one of the players to put x of their effective stack into the pot they best poker hands ever would just go all-in instead.Fortunately, you can find many comprehensive guides at Piosolvers website.IP and OOP ranges to analyze you can't tell the software which player was the one raising preflop.PioSolver can help you answer questions like: What should be the cbetting frequency on the flop when stealing in position against a standard blind defense range?

Everyone who thinks that Piosolver will be a nail in the no limit hold'em coffin and that it will teach everyone who has enough money to pay for it a perfect GTO strategy is greatly misjudging the program.
Piosolver is a relatively new piece of poker software that has been making waves in the poker community for some time now.
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You can not only choose specific hands, but also limit the suits, combinations etc.
We've all heard the words like 'initiative' or 'betting lead' hundreds if not thousands of times in coaching videos, strategy books, and poker forums.Those tiers are targeted at players using high end desktop parts intended for productivity.What cbet sizing should you use in that spot?Once you calculated the results it's time for the fun part!PioSolver Basic 249.For example, if you input your standard CO vs BU ranges with around 2/3 pot betsizing on all streets, include some possible small overbets and.5x raise sizes you can learn that it's not optimal to ever lead out of position and instead you should.While the basic functionality is relatively easy to understand PioSolver is immensely powerful and it might take you a lot of time to figure out the right questions you should ask the software.As long as it makes sense from the financial standpoint.It's entirely possible to win at low stakes without ever touching this software but as you're becoming more and more advance and the edges at your limit become smaller and smaller you should use every tool at your disposal to try to become as good.