Advantages Disadvantages Monsters are extremely weak to melee, leading to the fastest exp in the game for high level players Use of overloads, gained from NMZ points reduces need for super combat potions.
Quartermaster at the, tyras Camp in, isafdar, except for the white halberd which can be bought from, sir Vyvin.
If the player has a source of prayer or damage block, such as by using Prayer potions, Absorptions (Nightmare zone only or an altar, the player can safely use the set's effect to deal very high amounts of damage and gain fast experience.
Levels 1 to 10 Monster name Location(s) Combat level Hitpoints Requirements Recommendations Chicken North-east of Lumbridge just east of River Lum, south of River Lum in Farmer Fred 's chicken coop 1 3 None Advantages Disadvantages No food required Feathers are dropped in groups.
It is much more feasible for most players to obtain a Dragon defender compared to the expensive Avernic defender which is why it is chosen for this list, however if you do have access to one use it instead.It is more accurate with a defender than the next-best strength training weapon, the Saradomin sword, but has lower strength.Not many quests help navigate the wilderness.To force an update of this list, click here.

The Vesta's spear can be upgraded to the superior Vesta's spear using an ancient warriors' equipment patch.
Against lower defence monsters such as Yaks, the Saradomin sword will on average do higher damage per second than the Staff of the dead due to its higher strength.
Void knight equipment Wearing the Void melee helm with the full Void Knight equipment set gives a 10 melee damage and accuracy bonus.It also has a decent Crush bonus, so it can be used as an alternative to the Abyssal bludgeon for fighting Crush-weak enemies like Kalphites and Vet'ion.Also bring your best armour and weapons, because they can deal some damage.Also mpq bonus rewards note that when training Slayer, a Slayer helm (or Black mask ) will always provide the greatest damage increase over any of these.Rune scimitar 40 cartones bingo de fracciones Attack Lunge All Stats bingo gratis online bonus 45 Slash 44 Strength (no defender) The prototypical RuneScape weapon.It should be noted that the Dragon longsword attacks 1 game tick slower than the Dragon scimitar, making it a worse training weapon.Players with average luck can expect to get about one per task.Attack, Strength, Defence, and, hitpoints through melee combat.Build the bank chest on Fossil island to get access to a nearby bank Advantages Disadvantages The best monster for training at low and medium combat levels Very, very high health targets with low Defence and Attack ability, meaning you won't need much food.For other variants of this item, see superior.This makes it a popular training weapon for those who have the money.Levels 20 to 30, you should begin training at the area with.Note that a tablet can be more easily clicked from your inventory and takes up less space than runes for a teleport spell.