I know it's possible for at least some combinations, but I haven't played around with it to poke on facebook android tell which.
So, according to this, if I changed all hoods to 02 00, that would take the head slot, but not the face slot, allowing circlet hood, mask hood, but not helmet hood.
However, that's a lot of hoods to deal with.The high accuracy head tracking system is able to slave any weapon.For players with undead, slayer assignments, the boosts given by the, salve amulet or, salve amulet (e) do not stack with the effects of a Slayer helmet (i).The face slot is compatible with some hooded robes.I haven't looked at all of them to tell.Integrated Display Capabilities: - Stroke symbology - Raster video image (flir) - Image intensified secure.If you'd like me to give it a shot, I suppose I can.Note: This only applies for player versus monsters.TopOwl is the result of over twenty years experience in the Helmet Mounted Sight Display field for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft.

It's the 10 that dictates how it is equipped.
Magic accuracy and, magic damage.
In full-rate production, TopOwl is operational on 5 major helicopter programmes: Tiger, NH90, Cobra AH-1Z, Huey UH-1Y and Rooivalk; T129 is in progress.
TopOwl has been chosen by 16 countries for their army, navy and/or air force attack and transport helicopters.
It functions in the same manner as its unimbued variant (with the.67, melee bonus except that it provides an extra 15 boost.Mission, to accomplish the mission, TopOwl can display before the pilots eyes images from any sensor located on the aircraft such as an flir.Comfort, topOwl provides the pilot with the best comfort, reducing pilot fatigue and improving performance over long and iterative missions.This means it doesn't block the head, but takes the face slot.Most helmets are in slot 02 10, which means they take both the head and face slot.Players can imbue the slayer helmet using 1,250,000.