Dragonbone necklace 12 Requires 80 to wear.
Leaf-bladed battleaxe 92 Requires 65 and 55 to wield.
Plus you need to complete Recipe for Disaster.However, the amulet of strength is significantly less expensive.They look really sommer lotto cool and no shield provides better defense all around.However, players can imbue their ring via Nightmare Zone to increase its Prayer bonuses.Bandos chestplate 4 Requires 65 to wear.Avernic defender 29 Requires a dragon defender and avernic defender hilt, 70 and.

Legs: Veracs Skirt, dharok and Guthans have the same slash defense bonus.
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Seers ring (i) 12 The Seers ring initially gives 6 Magic bonus.
Solomission Mika - osrs Podcast #25.Rune mace 4 Requires 40 to wield.A Serpentine helm also gives a 3 Strength bonus, but requires 75 to wear and has to be charged with Zulrah's scales.Ring of the gods (i) 8 The Ring of the gods initially gives 4 Prayer bonus.Cheaper alternatives include White gloves and Blessed vambraces, but they only give 1 to Prayer.Ring: Ring of Suffering (i).Tormented bracelet 10 Requires 75 Hitpoints to wear.Armor has to be stronger against crush, slash or stab.Making it worthwhile to use when training odds nhl draft lottery 2016 or bossing.When you first get one it will give you a 10 defense bonus.Tyrannical ring (i) 8 The Tyrannical ring initially gives 4 crush bonus.Helmet: Torags, Guthans or Veracs Helmet.