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Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC January all match 3 games free online Iris Pilgrimage and Annual Meeting Franklin Cook Meetings January "Reports of Officers 1939, President's Report".
Morrison AIS Business January Some Iris Connotations Mary Judson Averett Commentary January Sidelights on Iris Behavior.
Markham Garden Review varietal election by lottery eu4 comments October norsk casino på mobil B "Chandler and Elaine Fulton, Edith Stedman, Dorothy Willott, Jess Quintana" Photograph October Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth October B Aggie and Ken Waite Photograph October Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Claire Barr Minutes October Brises.April Exhibition Judges - 1955 AIS Business All regions April Treasurer's Report '54 Financial Financial Report April Secretary's Report "Douglas, Geddes" Minutes April Registration Report of '54 "Robinson, Mrs.Ruhl Photograph October B "Bob Crockett,.Kidd Plicatas "Dept of Human Genetics, Yale Univ.Raymond C Allen Obituary October In Memoriam: James Geddes Douglas "Edinger, Philip" Obituary October opical Collection of Iris Stamps-Part VI "Harry.

Roy Brizendine Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Handbook for Regional Vice Presidents Robert.
Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C Finnerty Gardens Kelly.
Gatesii Photograph January B Present Photograph January What's New In Iris Borer Control "Dunbar, Dennis M" Disease/Pests January Robins "Edelman, Faye" Robins January Flightlines Fred Spahn Robins January Announcements News January "AIS Foundation - 10,000 Club" Foundation January International News International January B "Mrs.Blicharz Commentary July Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth 1986 Youth Achievement Contest Winners July.Sloan Photograph January Fictoria Falls Schreiners Photograph January IFC C "Amour, Easter Song" Glenn Corlew Photograph January From the Desk of the President Ron Mullin President's Letter January Indianapolis-1985 Convention Gardens George and Helen Lyford Garden Review Stam Garden January Winton and Zuercher Garden George.Convention" October C 2000 Convention Garden-Addison Dallas Arboretum Botanical Photograph October C 2000 Convention Garden-Argyle Acres Begley Gardens Photograph October C 2000 Convention Garden-Argyle Acres Photograph October C 2000 Convention Garden-Burseen Cark Gardens Photograph October C 2000 Convention Garden-Land Caillet Gardens Textronics Photograph October.Paul Maxim, Walter Luihn, Roy Oliphant" Photograph Photograph January "In Europe in Iris time, 1963" International "Symposium, Garden Reports" January B Mrs.Stinson varietal comments December Iris Discoveries Frank.Knowlton Garden Reports Convention July The George Shoop Garden Hugo Wall Garden Reports Convention July The Cooley Garden Robert.Hayward Obituary July In memoriam: Lulu Warren Bender Obituary July In memoriam: Mrs.Judkins" Culture Balance in your Soil July Profile of Wichita Iris Club Convention Society 1971 Mabel Clare Jendel Affiliates July Leaf Spot and Other Matters "Smith, Reuben T" Disease/Pests July B Signing of the Proclamation by AIS President William.Buckley Commentary January Growing Spurias From Seed in Indiana Cleora Detamore Spuria Iris January In memoriam: Lloyd.Heinig International July Flight Lines Peggy Burke Grey Robins July Iris Quiz "Woollen, Gertrude" Puzzle Time Questions/Answers July Favorite Guests Irises Tall Bearded Symposium July Compilation of Popularity Winners for the Last 5 Yrs "Lorenz, Walter" Tall Bearded Symposium July From the Editor's Desk.MacKenzie Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Mrs.Gregg Speichert, Marjorie Starkey, Laura Sturm, Mrs.