SEB banka 22,694.
The Troika is singling Cyprus out, forcing it to impose a substantial haircut on creditors that will clearly hit the savings of the nations citizens. .
Trasta komercbanka 2,629.
Expobank 3,045.Cyprus is a small nation but news of bank runs at Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank spread like wildfire, bringing down global markets. .Ablv Bank 19,308.Baltic International Bank 1,193.Reklam för appen på den svenska DanskeBank-siten!?

PrivatBank 1,478.
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Cypriot citizens, who hurried to ATMs only to see them fully drawn out as the expected bank run materialized, were enraged. .
Cypriot companies with Russian capital could lead to about USD53bn in losses to Russias banking giants such as Alfa bank, Gazprombank, Sberbank and VTB, which has a wealth management division on the island, Danske Banks Vladimir Miklashevsky explained.Cyprus lax anti-money laundering laws and favorable tax treatment has made it a safe haven for rich Russians looking to stash their money cheaply. .European markets, particularly bond markets, are more resilient than a few years ago, making it unlikely that flows out of Cyprus, which can be expected in the 3 to 4 billion (3.9.2 billion) range according to Nomura, will unsettle the ailing economies.But the Cypriot financial system is very particular, with nearly 70 billion (91 billion) in deposits, or about 380 of GDP. .Global markets were shaken out of complacency on Monday as a new episode in the European sovereign debt crisis took a hit at confidence and the reigning positive risk-sentiment of the past few weeks. .Barclays, and nearly 60 of that belongs to Russians, numbers compiled.Latvijas pasta banka 1,14.UniCredit Bank 1,27.Baltikums Bank 7,033.While Cypriot savers and opposition politicians protested the one-time levy, the unprecedented move appears focused.Putin, fire mage tier 19 set bonus who called the haircuts unfair, unprofessional, and dangerous, also knows Russian banks will take a hit from the Cyprus debacle. . The Cyprian people will take a hit, as have the populations of every country that had to be bailed out in this never-ending European sovereign debt crisis.