how to get bonus ticks in reactor idle

A thug who showed his true nature when he betrayed the trust of this great man vegas casino voucher - (Turns to picture of Dent.) bonus på bil nr 2 if And murdered him in cold blood.
Disappears into the pipe.
Uniform No one leaves the island.
The Prisoner puts bread to Wayne's lips.
Let's show her the reactor - FOX We're meeting her there in thirty-five minutes.Gordon checks the faces.Bane (V.O.) Gotham will survive.But the child had a friend.Alfred turns to leave.Batman With your help I might.

Selina (shakes head) The rich don't even go broke same as the rest of us, huh?
His hostage is ripped off the bike by a low-flying dark shape.
Cave prison - night Wayne wakes with a start - the Blind Prisoner is there.
Blake It's gonna blow anyway.And not much of any use in your elbows and shoulders.The Driver shoves the bespectacled man in front of the CIA Man.Teams are converging from different entry points.Blake'S cruiser - continuous Foley, in the back, is using the cruiser as a mobile command station.Bane.and he shall appear.Bane moves onto the floor.Bane nods at his men.See, if you funnel the entire R and D budget for five years into a fusion project that you then mothball, your company is unlikely to thrive.Blake looks down at him.Maybe the time isn't right.

An Armed Man pulls Hooded Man 1 up through the cabin and out.
They circle up to the opening above.