No doubt hell make some adjustments to his 1965 C10 prior to the 2019 event.
19/31, with the price of two-door Tri-Fives going through the roof, some people are taking advantage of the cost advantage of building a four-door G-machine.
Also on hand were some of the best and best poker pairs most respected suspension companies showing off their latest wares.
The excitement of what this project was turning out to be in my head was causing me to lose sleep.Truck builds are becoming more popular than ever, but their overall weight and higher center of gravity puts them at a disadvantage compared to their lower, sleeker muscle car brethren, so it only made sense they play together amongst themselves.April 11, 2019 Season 1, Episode.March 27, 2019 Season 1, Episode.The load is transferred to the front and rear through a transfer case, and a driveshaft connects directly to the differential up front.Needless to say, the LS Fest brings out the best of the best to show who has the baddest all-around LS-powered performance street car.

This beast needed to be reliable enough to support demos and video projects, but serious enough to win Gymkhana competitions.
From near to far: Mike DuSold, JB Granger, Chris Smith, Brian Finch, Allan Schoonmaker, Bryan Johnson, Darren Dternes, and Robby Unser.
Both of the differentials are the same Sadev units that Ken uses in his rallycross cars and the transmission is very similar if only a bit beefier. .To keep things a little fairer and to tighten up the competition a bit, this year Holley adopted a Vintage class for model year vehicles 1989 and older and a Modern class for muscle cars 1990 and newer.The design process continued until we had a truly unique concept that everyone involved was proud.Kens initial reaction to the car was Holy f*k!Well, it got a new owner, but the babying and nurturing was not in the cards.Every little detail was checked twice until it was certain that the car was ready to leave the fab shop.I was absolutely flattered that he had asked us to build this car and we absolutely wanted to make the insane concept a reality.