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He begs Carmen to stop his daughter and destroy the flowers before they destroy the town, and Carmen goes to confront Haeta.
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The birthday armor undergoes a repair session of forty-seven minutes.Meanwhile, Van summons Dann of Thursday and Ray concurrently arrives on the scene with Vulcan.North America by, geneon Entertainment, who produced an English dub overseen.4 "And the Rain Kept Falling" Transcription: "Soshite, ame wa furiyuku" ( Japanese : ) While traveling through a forest, Van rescues Wendy from being harassed by a thug piloting a small armor, and very shortly afterwards collapses with a high fever.Wendy, Carmen 99 and Priscilla decide to scout out in the forest.

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Separately Joe has also convinces Wendy that it is obvious The Claw never intended to kill Michael and that she would be wiser to return to Evergreen where Michael would know where to look for her once the Claw releases him.
Contents, episodes edit, reception anna bingo bonuskod edit, this section needs expansion.Their plan goes awry when the repair session finishes before schedule, and Carmen encounters Fasalina inside the distribution chambers growing the flowers that destroyed her hometown.However, one more reflection on his love for Elena might be just what he needs to win the match.Wendy and Joshua run back to the mountain to tell the armor riders, but Ray won't listen.He willing turns over the medicine to help Wendy and returns the disk, apologizing for not completing the job.Back at the base, Muttaaca reveals to Michael that The Claw would create a utopia by means of a genocide.They find out that the gate has been closed for the past few days, not allowing the residents to cross the bridge, due to construction.Later, after the four are imprisoned for reckless behavior, a mad scientist named Bucchi suddenly attacks the town with armor he invented.

Game appearances edit The series is included in the 2009 Super Robot Wars game, Super Robot Wars K, for the Nintendo DS 2019 game Super Robot Wars T for Nintendo Switch PlayStation.
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