James Sapp Garden Reports July "Iris Comment, 1938" Sherman.
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January Our Members Write.
Reinhardt Convention July Flight Lines Robins July From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter July Genetics for Iris Breeders "Kidd, Kenneth K" Hybridizing Into to the Basics July Minutes RVP-Board Meeting Minutes July Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July IBebby Rairdon Photograph July.Ensata Tuptim Jonnye Rich Photograph Payne Award 19 266 IForena Reid Seedlings Lorena Reid Photograph July IFC C "Stranger In Paradise, Frostbound, Hidenishiki, Innerst #1547-1" Terry Aitken Photograph July "pg 51, Sharina and Syrian were reversed, pg 96 correct spellings Bobbie Lou and Butter and.Gordon Willis Obituary January "Clifford W Benson, Secretary" "Douglas, Geddes" AIS Business Introducing New AIS Secretary January B "Clifford.Hager Garden Review International varietal review July A Yard Full of Irises Clara Foote Adams Garden Review Varietal Comments July B Okay: Say Cheese!Wills Varietal Comments January B Louise Blake and her Hall of Fame Photograph January B "Sitting-Dr.John Wister, 9,10,11, unidentified,.John R" Test Gardens Species April The Evolution of One Iris Garden Edith.

Laevigata July/Aug C Amethyst's Sister Chad Harris Photograph I ensata July/Aug The Backyard Hybridizer Perry Dyer Hybridizing July/Aug C Martile Rowland Hugh Stout Photograph July/Aug C Noble Stature Perry Dyer Photograph July/Aug C Chief John Jolly Kelly.
Harder Garden Jake H Scharff Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Garden.
Wright Garden Reports April Test and Display Gardens 1932 Test Gardens April Most Popular Varieties compiled by Sherman.
O'Brien Photograph Photograph January The New Members of the Board AIS Business "Larry Gaulter, Claude.Randolph, Marion Walker." "Blackwell,." Photograph July B "Dr John C Wister, Mrs Wister and Barbara Walther" "Wood, Ira" Photograph July B Hubert Fischer and Mrs Fischer "Blackwell,." Photograph July "Dr.O'Brien Membership April In memoriam - Rev.Caldwell Photograph January Recent Developments in Oncocyclus Breeding "Craig, Tom" Hybridizing AB's January B Prof.Downward Photograph April Irises Seen in California Gardens 1963 Melba Hamblen Garden Reports Varietal Comments April Welcome to the Northwest Bennett Jones Regional Reports Region 173 13 B Sam Caldwell Photograph April Sam Caldwell to Speak at Convention Banquet Convention The Kodachrome Blues Again "Scott.Joslin Poetry October Exhibition Committee Report 1964.Julius Kiraly Garden Reports "Region 4 and 17 50th, Irises Across Iowa new affiliate, Mountains Plains Iris Society new affiliate" October Milestone Jim Morris Commentary October "In memoriam Oscar "Ott".David Kinish, Agnes Whiting" Photograph January Evenglow - Not Everglow.

Edgar Hires, President Wister, Mrs.
Presby, a classification of Garden Irises - Bulletin Info from TOC" December Some Historical Notes on Classification Classification December A Classification of Bearded Irises Classification December "Lavender, self" Classification Bearded Irises December "Lavender, bicolor (neglecta Classification Bearded Irises December "Yellow, self" Classification Bearded Irises December.
Smith Regional Reports Region Robins' Roost Mrs.