Have a look here on RealVNCs site for more information.
Desktop pictures, once the desktop appears, the first thing youll notice is the rather stunning background image.
The old window design always looked a bit dated compared to what poke yaeet Apple and Microsoft are now shipping, so I was keen to update.Windows, if you open a window, youll see that the window frame design has now changed significantly.These work on the Pi 3s onboard wireless hardware; they should also work on most external WiFi and Bluetooth dongles.It was just over two years ago when I walked into Pi Towers for the first time.If you still experience problems with any of these after applying the fixes, please let us know in the comments below or on the forums.Original post starts here.One reason the frame was quite thick on the old windows was so that the grab handles for resizing were big enough aoncagua poker to find with the mouse.

Speaking of icons, the default is now not to show icons in individual application menus.
Note that the uncompressed image is over 4GB in size, and some older unzippers will fail to decompress it properly.
If youre updating an existing image, dont run the sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-server line in the instructions below.
One why does the casino always win in blackjack feature which has frequently been requested is an obvious version number for our Raspbian image, and this can now be seen at the bottom-right of the splash image.So pixel it is, which now officially stands for.Login, most people have their Pi set up to automatically log in when the desktop starts, as this is the default setting for a new install.Icons, youll also notice that the icons on the taskbar, menu, and file manager have had a makeover.If you dont use xrdp and would like to use the RealVNC server to remotely access your Pi, type the following: sudo apt-get install -y realvnc-vnc-server As always, your feedback on the new release is very welcome; feel free to let us know what you.This uses the Pis hardware to accelerate playback of streaming video content.Please note that if you already use xrdp to remotely access your Pi, this conflicts with the RealVNC server, so you shouldnt install both at once.Well update this whenever we release a new version of the image, so it should hopefully be slightly easier to know exactly what version youre running in future.The Raspbian pixel image is available from the Downloads page on our website now.Updates There are updates for a number of the built-in applications; these are mostly tweaks and bug fixes, but there have been improvements made to Scratch and Node-RED.P i, i mproved, x windows, e nvironment, L ightweight.If you want to use xrdp on a clean image, first uninstall the RealVNC server with sudo apt-get purge realvnc-vnc-server before installing xrdp.The latest set of changes are almost entirely to do with the appearance of the desktop; there are some functional changes and a few new applications, about which more below, but this is mostly about making things look nicer.

Windows now have a subtle curve on the corners, a cleaner title bar with new close / minimise / maximise icons, and a much thinner frame.