Four, I completely redid the entire clothing modding system from scratch.
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Two, every hat and helmet in the game that doesn't cover your face can be worn with bandanas gas masks.
Also to civ 6 terrain bonus make the inventory sorting experience even better I also recommend.Monday evenings from May 13 to Labor Day, the Marquee at Boulevard Pool transforms into a colossal movie screen, showing your favorite films high above the Las Vegas Strip.Crimsomrider - assets for transparent Hooded Cleanroom Suit mask.Entrance is on Level 3, via Boulevard Tower escalators.Three, every outfit and every hat helmet in the game can have ballistic weave armor added.Visions In The Fog quest unlocks Children of Atom Hybrid (Ballistic, Energetic, and Rad Protection) weaves.Reservations, daybed and Cabana gun roulette challenge reservations are available with a food beverage minimum.Railroad 2nd DIA Cache retrieval quest unlocks Railroad versions of Hybrid and Advanced Hybrid weaves.Added armor bench modifications to all vanilla/DLC armors for making non-helmet armor pieces invisible.By Cedaie RXL Collars by RustyXXL Gurl by Babzero n8k's Black Rose Harness by herminia Blade Soul Schoolgirl outfit (cbbe body) by SlapMeSilly Custom Armors by Bartholomew Roberts Outlaw Outfit by brokefoot Railroad Renegade Outfit by brokefoot Synth Armors and Uniforms - Standalone Mega Pack.

Nine, this mod is now fully compatible with.
SomberX - a bunch of knowledge and jetpack FX meshes cat_woman1989 - material/meshes/textures for making the vanilla hazmat suits helmets transparent.
Seven, I made this mod compatible with.Outfits are crafted at the Armorsmith bench, wearable weapons are crafted at the Weaponsmith bench.All item crafting has been moved from Chemistry station to Armorsmith workbench.Also the chestpiece can be modded with a therm optics booster that will extend the cloaking field around the user when standing still and sneaking.Added armor bench modifications to all vanilla/DLC armors for making non-helmet armor pieces appear as the other armor sizes.Hours Admission, doors open at 7PM Movies begin at 8PM 7 for non-hotel guests Complimentary for hotel guests and children under.DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil.Targeting HUD mod to uses custom effects that are more subtle than vanilla that are just a color outline.(Weaponsmith update adds crafting recipes for all vanilla/dlc weapons and ammo.Out of the Fire quest unlocks Forged Hybrid (Ballistic, Energetic, and Fire Retardant) weaves.Eight, for the master armorsmith/scientists out there I've implemented a new craftable set of armor called Therm Optics Combat Armor.

Ten, I optimized the slot usage for all vanilla clothing to use the minimum amount of slots necessary for things to work properly. .