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Thomas Huxley on the worldview of how much power does my pci slot provide Vedanta.
The treatises are full of absurd conceits, quaint fancies, and chaotic speculations.
Questioning the suitability of the rope and snake metaphor and its irrelevance to the question of interpreting real.
Let us arrive at it independently.
Before you explain the few points as referred by me I expect you would take the pros and cons of the issues as discussed in this analytical book.Not a whit, if one were to consider how the likes of Anil Mehta and other such spiritual faithful from cults like Chinmaya Mission can dismiss any effort of debate with cryptic 3-liner responses.Ambedkar spoke lotto totto hilden in these unrelenting terms"ng from the observations of Thomas Huxley and Lala Hardayal: Of what use is this philosophy of the Upanishadas?Upanishadic wisdom is worse than science fiction, it is metaphysical fiction.Since a higher reality exists, the current physical reality is not the ultimate reality.As We have better things to do in life.

As a way of life it was condemned by Huxley in scathing terms: No more thorough mortification of the flesh has ever been attempted than that achieved by the Indian ascetic anchorite; no later monarchism has so nearly succeeded in reducing the human mind.
The above is just one example, but the Upanishads, commentaries, its schools of thought are full of such circular arguments and reasoning.
Young men of India, look not for wisdom in the musty parchments of your metaphysical treatises. All its recourse is to blind faith, devotion and surrender to a teacher and unquestioning acceptance of the scriptural word.There is divergence of opinions about the truth, strategy, nature of the people etc.To me, it is one of many jargons that abound in Hindu or vedic metaphysics.But the texts are themselves not clear about the conception and identity of Brahman.That the earth is round and other physical facts were not determined by round-table debates of misguided prophets and deluded saints, but by observation, experiments and corroboration, and by putting our faculties to right use.In studying the genealogy of Brahminism from the onset of the primary Vedas (Rig, Yajur and Sama) through its transition to the Upanishads and Puranas, keen insight will at times observe and marvel at how it has morphed progressively from its ritualistic origins to assume more and.Of course you may not afford to spend such a time thing is different.This the ignorant, take for reality; their Atman therefore remains eternally imprisoned in delusions, bound by the fetters of desire and scourged by the whip of misery.Modern science is using such same empirical methods to unravel wonders of our brains and not doubting and dismissing the utility and testimony of our senses.