Martial Adept PHB : One maneuver per short rest isn't enough to justify this for the Rogue.
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Reaction Shield Buff your AC to stop attacks from casino online echtgeld bonus hitting you.
Or maybe youve rejected and run away from your guild training (lets hope they took it well!)?
Youll need to pay ten times the amount (ie a whopping 2000 gp!) to get a dose of venom worthy of the name in the form of Purple Worm Poison which does 12d6 damage, with a saving throw DC.A lush gambler with a love of the high life, who once out of desperation conned a woman who loved him out of her life fortune.That is Elf (2 Forest Gnome (1 Halfling (2) and Human (1 and potentially Half Elf (1).Your Equipment As a Rogue you start with Leather armour, which is a bit of a joke as it only gives you AC 11 instead of 10 with no protection whatsoever.

She died shortly after and he has never quite forgiven himself, but nor has he managed to clean up his act completely.
We end up with a character with the following abilities: Tankiness Paladins d10 hit for all except 2 levels and 16 CON mean high HP Monstrous saves with ability to buff through spells Prof in CON, CHA, and WIS saves CHA added to all saves.
However, one a class as frail as the Rogue it's extremely dangerous to grant Advantage against yourself and there are plenty of other ways to gain reliable access to Advantage and Sneak Attack.
If I havent got your creative juices flowing yet then why not take some inspiration from some of fictions best loved assassins, like Nikita, Leon, Altaïr ibn-LaAhad, 007, and many more.
Yuan-Ti Pureblood vgtm : Nothing useful for the Rogue.Variant: You still get crucial bonuses to Dexterity and something else, and you can get an awesome feat at level.Or are you a principled killer: a vigilante who only deals death to those that have it coming to them (in your humble opinion)?You're already really good, but this removes the possibility of horribly low rolls.Look for backgrounds which fill in proficiencies which are already on the Rogue skill list but which you couldn't get with yoour choice of two skills.The extra level 1 spell slot that recharges on a short rest was just a bonus.Unless you're an Arcane Trickster, the 1st-level spell should probably be a long-duration buff like Mage Armor (don't do it; real armor is better) or a reliable utility option.Longsword: I'm not sure why Rogues get proficiency with long swords.The ingested poisons, for slipping into someones cider glass, are priced similarly, and make you wonder why you couldnt just administer some hemlock or rat poison for a fraction of the price that might in addition do the job it is intended.Expeditious Retreat A level 1 spell found on both the Sorcerer and Warlock spell lists.