When you have Temporary Hit Points and take damage, the Temporary Hit Points are lost first, and any leftover damage carries over to your normal Hit Points.
Armor Leather: Free starting armor for light armor users.
Instead of Making an Attack roll, you make a Strength (Athletics) check contested by the targets Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check (the target chooses the ability to use).
There are very few magic items with restrictions which this will bypass, but you're going to feel really special if you find one and get to break the rules to use.Mastermind scag / XGtE : The Mastermind works best in a game with a lot of intrigue and social interactions.If a creature or an object has Resistance to a damage type, damage of that type is halved against.Each time you do so, you must choose a different damage type.Help You can lend your aid to another creature in the completion of a task.Shield master You use shields not just for protection but also for offense.Under the rules for backgrounds, you can replace a redundant proficiency with one of the same type, but what other set of tools do you want?

Elf PHB gday casino coupon codes 2018 : A bonus to Dexterity and Darkvision are perfect for a Rogue.
You are proficient with improvised weapons and unarmed strikes.
You can make an opportunity Attack when a hostile creature that you can see moves out of your reach.
Insightful Manipulator: A fun way to metagame, but not always useful since in most games you typically won't get to spend a minute chatting up enemeies before weapons come out.
Some Ranged Attacks, such as those made with a Longbow or a Shortbow, have two ranges.The space of another creature, whether hostile or not, also counts as difficult terrain.Visit to the spell list Back.Sharpshooter PHB : Absolutely fantastic for archer Rogues.This allows you to run in, attack, then run away safely.Reliable Talent: This is especially nice for your Expertise skills, and it's great motivation to pick up the Skilled feat.Some Spells also require an Attack roll.Linguist You have studied languages and codes, gaining the following benefits: Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum.Rakish Audacity: This is absurdly good.Thief slot heroes casino PHB : The Thief is the vanilla Rogue, but that is not to say that it's boring.Choose the cantrip from the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list.Air: The Dexterity bonus isn't enough to make up for the Air Genasi's lack of useful special abilities.Rogues split into melee or ranged builds.

For example, when a Wizard casts Fireball or a Cleric casts Flame Strike, the spells damage is rolled once for all creatures caught in the blast.
Bladesong grants a nice AC boost (especially for Arcane Tricksters) and some other great benefits, and access to Wizard spells removes the need for the Magic Initiate feat.
The 25 damage is first reduced by 5 and then halved, so the creature takes 10 damage.