corsair carbide air 740 front expansion slot

It's the entire point behind the Air series of cases; and pengespill no any other dual-cube case design.
Includes three custom Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans: Based on the award-winning AF140, the included fans provide great airflow performance at lower noise levels than typical case fans.
Corsair Carbide Air 740.Posted on Sep 4th 2016, 21:16 Reply #19 avatar_raq Hello @Anton LaVey and welcome to TPU forums.This arrangement maximizes the airflow from the three pre-installed corsair AF140L 140 mm fans, delivering amazing unimpeded airflow through the main compartment.Featuring corsair's innovative dual-chamber Direct Airflow Path design, exceptional cooling capabilities, unique bold design and a stunning tinted, fully removable side windowed panel, the corsair Air 740 offers remarkable cooling performance and the flexibility to handle even the most ambitious enthusiast system builds.They should at least offer the ability to install optional HDD cages that are sold separately for those who need them.And I say it again: I like cube cases but I do not like how corsair is skipping on features that are expected and found in 100 cases, let alone a 150 case.Reply #5, redspeed93, fugly design.Corsair IronClaw RGB Wireless mouse review.

And again a lot of people did not buy the 540 and will probably not buy this case due to the limited HDD bays.
Posted on Sep 3rd 2016, 21:07 Reply #12 Solidstate89 avatar_raq said: Besides, this is anno 2016, modular PSUs are the mainstream and the number of cables you need to hide there does not require such a large space.
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Tell this to all the people discussing mods on corsair forums to accommodate more HDDs.There's tons of space back there for shoving cables out of the way without having to worry about routing them correctly because you only have like 1/2 an inch behind the motherboard tray or something like that.Reply #4, theDeeGee, seems to have enough space to puke in after looking at the outside.Also, the power supply is housed in that hidden compartment and there is just so much space for cable routing, it's insane.8 x Expansion slots: Can house up to 4 graphics cards.

The new 740 is not just impressive, it absolutely is innovative for a chassis as well.
Posted on Sep 4th 2016, 14:07 Reply #15 Solidstate89 Hood said: avatar_raq already stated (6 posts ago, and you even"d the same statement!) that they did not buy the Air 540 or this case because of the lack of drive space, so nobody "wasted.