First let's see what happens if we use closed slots: Closed slots No air gap Less Reluctance More leakage flux Less Magnetising current Better power factor.
The main problem with swtor nar shaddaa bonus series closed slots is with the placement of windings in slots.
So if the main consideration is powerfactor then you have to go only with closed slot stator.
As leakage flux is more,both starting and breakdown torques are less(since they are inversely proportional).The AC induction motor comprises two electromagnetic parts.(ii) Semi closed slots : In such type of slots, slot opening is much smaller than the width of the.With open slots closed with magnetic wedges and a motor with semi- closed slots.For reasons related to the technological process of winging induction.Download scientific diagram Rotors with open (a) and closed slots (b).From publication: Analysis of Voltage Unbalance Effects.Induction Motors with Open.PDF Open slots in concentrated wound permanent magnet motors are.Design of outer rotor single phase squirrel cage induction motor.Abstract: Usually an induction machine with closed slots on the rotor has lower harmonics in stator line currents than that with open slots.A complete transient finite element model analyzes the effects of slot closure in an induction motor.

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