After that amenities (happiness) do a lot more to affect your pop growth than housing, but still not to the same extent unless you go very hard into the negatives.
To build a spaceport, the satellite, the moon landing, and all three parts, you pay 15000 hammers.
Its bonuses are also sort of a random mish mash.
Im kind of negative on this wonder.
So this is going to have to wait until after that most of the time.Its placement requirements arent that tricky, and the writing slots are ok I guess, but the 1450 hammer cost is really steep for what this does.Alhambra tries to make up for that with its amenities.Unless you really need the writing slots youre almost never going to build this wonder.Luckily for you the AI do not.Brazil especially loves this wonder since their carnivals are half off and dont cannibalize a district slot.The barracks or stable is more optional early but often still worth making before you make an army.Disclaimer: I havent really experimented much with tourism victories.Thats before you throw in any specific bonuses like cav bonuses or the great people that double your production towards space parts.Must be built on flat land adjacent to the City Center District.The ability to use the prophet on it is sort of meant to be *like that but youll soon find the need for an actual holy site depending on the benefits you want, like your worship building or the myriad number of effects that utilize.Civ 5 vs, civ.

Must be built on a Lake tile adjacent to land.
Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Campus district with a Library.
But when you're done you're rewarded by this movie actually, the time of day in the world changes.
Even if you wouldnt make much money off it though its still worth building for the slot.Looking to prioritize just the few youll be able to grab on the higher difficulties?Russia and Japan are less incentivized to get this because of their cheaper holy sites, and Arabia similarly may be less inclined since theyre guaranteed a prophet, though waiting until the last one is probably a bad idea if you actually are swinging for.I mean, you probably have nukes you should be building so you can nuke all the AI the turn after you win the game).Highly competitive if someone else in the game needs.Huey Teocalli Military Tactics 710 production Placement: Lake tile next to land Effects: 1 amenity from entertainment for each lake square next.But anyway, build it for tourism games, dont otherwise.Religion as a whole is much weaker now than it was in civ V, so as a result malaysia online casino signup bonus stonehenge isnt much to talk about.