The return journey, carrying 1,305,812 lbs of tea from Shanghai, began 25 June, arriving 13 October in konkurranse lotto London via the Cape of Good Hope.
Teak planking began at approximately the level of the bilge stringer.
229 "Why Suez Canal?".
36 Cutty Sark, Cutty Sark in Greenwich, October 2003 Cutty Sark was preserved as a museum ship, and has since become a popular tourist attraction, and part of the National Historic Fleet.Cutty Sark was the fastest ship on the wool trade for ten years.Horizontal tubular steel struts passing through the hold brace the diagonals apart while many of the corroded original hull frames have been doubled.Less obviously, steamship design had taken a large step forward in 1866 with Agamemnon, using higher boiler pressure and a compound engine, so obtaining a large improvement in fuel efficiency.The skipper on this occasion was 83-year-old Captain.E.An image of the clipper appears on the label, and the maker formerly sponsored the Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race.He was replaced as Master by William Bruce, who proved to be a drunken incompetent who claimed pay for non-existent crewmen and managed to set sail with inadequate provisions, resulting in the crew starving.

The route from the Far East to London (and many other European ports) through the Suez Canal was shorter by about 3,300 nmi (6,100 km; 3,800 mi compared to sailing round the Cape of Good Hope.
295296, account of a fast wool clipper crewman First published 1903 Charles Protheroe "Life in the Mercantile Marine" page.
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55 Investigation conclusion edit On 30 September 2008, the London Fire Brigade announced the conclusion of the investigation into the fire at a press conference at New Scotland Yard.Willis chose Hercules Linton to design and build the ship but Willis already possessed another ship, The Tweed, which he considered to have exceptional performance.From February to October 1951 she was temporarily moved first for a refit and then to take part in the Festival of Britain at Deptford.The ship was crewed by cadets, 15-year-old Robert Wyld steering the ship during the voyage.On another occasion she recorded 3,457 nautical miles (6,402 km; 3,978 mi) in 11 days.1 Her first round trip voyage under captain George Moodie began 16 February 1870 from London with a cargo of wine, spirits and beer bound for Shanghai.Wallace continued the voyage with six apprentices and four tradesmen but became becalmed in the Java Sea for three days.The tradewinds required great strength in masts, but the wind could best be captured by relatively small, high sails.Cambrian college Make.