The sets require that the crafter has a certain amount.
The head piece for a Monster Helm set can be obtained by killing a specific boss within the dungeon, and the shoulders of the same set are a reward for completing the daily pledges and unlocking the gold key for the pledge chest.
Stygian 35-43 VR6 VR10-12 Head, Hand, Chest, Feet, Dagger (2 items) Adds Spell Damage.Shield of the Valiant VR1-14 Head, Shoulders, Hand, Legs, Chest, Waist, Feet (2 items) Adds Max Health.So if you are new to eso or you do not have access to any of the best in slot sets, then this is the set you want to.Level 50 champion 160 (4 Traits Required) (2 items) Adds 2975 Physical Resistance (3 items) Adds 129 Health Recovery (4 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health (5 items) Gain Major Evasion while blocking, increasing Dodge chance.Found set items may be found at levels between these, and will have similar values.(5 items) Magicka Flood: Once per minute, when below 33 Magicka, gain X Magicka.Banished Cells Nerieneth VR1-12(14) Head, Shoulders (1 items) Adds Max Health.

(5 items) Kynes Flight: Bow attacks snare the target reducing their movement speed by 30 for 3 seconds.
Strid River Artisans Camp Fortified Brass 4 2 items : Adds 14-1206 Maximum Health 3 items : Adds 34-2975 Physical Resistance 4 items : Adds 34-2975 Spell Resistance 5 items : Adds 60-5170 Spell Resistance 5 items : Adds 60-5170 Physical Resistance Clockwork City Restricted.
(5 items) Magicka Furnace: When hit by a melee attack, recover X Magicka.
The unique five piece bonus is very easy to apply, if you have several different damage abilities on the enemy it will reach the maximum stack in less then one second because it procs on any damage dealt.
The head piece is always a VR1-VR12 item, while the level of the shoulders scales depending on your VR rank, so they can be between VR1-VR14.Enemies in Craglorn and in Scaled Dungeons drop set items that match the players level instead of the enemy level.This effect can occur once every 6 seconds.The animated weapon's basic attack deals 4551 Physical Damage.The crafting locations are in Bangkorai, Reapers March and The Rift.Worms Raiment VR1-12 Head, Shoulders, Hand, Legs, Chest, Waist, Feet (2 items) Adds Spell Damage.(5 items) When you deal damage, you have a 15 chance to gain unerring mechanical vision for 5 seconds, causing your attacks to always be a Critical Strike.This set also has a very niche use, it is usually used on stamina Sorcerers, as they mostly have physical damage in their toolkit.Lanalda Pond in Greenshade Westwind Lighthouse in Rivenspire Weeping Wamasu Falls in Shadowfen Alessia's Bulwark 5 2 items : Adds 34-2975 Physical Resistance 3 items : Adds 14-1206 Maximum Health 4 items : Adds 34-2975 Physical Resistance 5 items : When you take damage from.This set is often used in Trial groups to increase the overall dps of the group, if the group is not yet on the penetration cap of 18200.That is a lot of extra weapon critical, mompov kiesha bonus 2 more or less the best deal you can get anywhere actually.(5 items) 20 chance when dealing Flame damage to inflict the burning status effect on enemy and gain X Spell Damage for.0 seconds.