Its pretty useful for booking/management of meetings/appointments for lawyers firms, teachers, doctors, veterinaries, beauticians, etc and for any kind of activity which is developed with specific schedule during the day.
The user receives a thank you/confirmation email after completing the payment.
Please note that this is a plugin originally designed to accept bookings linked to PayPal payments.Allows customizing the contents of the notification/confirmation emails.The feature for working without PayPal is implemented/available in the Pro version.Features: The website visitors can select an available time slot for the appointment and pay for it through Paypal / credit cards.You can define the minimum available date blackjack betting system chart and the maximum available date for the bookings.Allows defining the number of months (calendar pages) to show at lav din egen poke bowl the same time for the booking calendar.Easy Ajax administration for the calendar.CP Appointment Calendar is a WordPress plugin which allows you to define available time slots that can be booked by the website visitors.Its integrated with Paypal for receiving the booking payments.You receive an email after each confirmed (paid) booking.

You can define the start day of the week.
Once a time slot has been booked and paid its doesnt appear as available in order to prevent duplicated bookings.
You can restrict specific dates.Supports both am/pm and military time.Allows defining the product name at Paypal, the currency, the Paypal language and amount to pay for a booking (you can set zero to let the user pay/donate the desired amount).Allows defining the working days and the exact time slots available.Supports date format as mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy.

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