There are bwin poker promotion code a number of different bonus types.
The following is a list of all the types of bonus villages, along with their bonuses.
Bonus villages are special types of villages (marked with a glow on the map) that provide the village with one special attribute.
If bonus villages are enabled on a world there are two types of possible settings, either old or enhanced.
It's not possible for a player to start with a bonus village, they must always be conquered.Clay 10 more clay production online casino echtgeld auszahlung 100 more clay production, iron 10 more iron production 100 more iron production, farm 10 higher farm population 10 higher farm population.Barracks 10 faster infantry production 50 faster infantry production, stable 10 faster cavalry production 50 faster cavalry production, workshop 50 faster infantry production 100 faster infantry production.Market, unavailable 50 more storage capacity and merchants.If bonus villages are enabled on a world, you will find them on the map.

Resources 3 more production of all resources 30 more production of all resources.
Type, old style bonus, enhanced style bonus, wood 10 more wood production 100 more wood production.
The following is a list of all the types of bonus villages, along with their bonuses.
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