Unless he is running an advanced slow play, you most likely have the best hand here.
Deuces Cracked, this is an online training site that has a group or community training feel to it like a poker education.
Sure, but sometimes you have to make decisions based on what is the most likely from the information about the player and the way the hand has played out.
From e-books and language software to fitness apps and typing tutors, we pick the best educational tools to keep your knowledge growing.Here are some basic types of aggression you might see from different players.March 12, 2019, by, dan.While no one has really heads up poker training played back at him, he did lose a pot earlier when the big blind called a raise pre-flop and check-raised him on an Ace high flop, resulting in a fold from the LAG.These definitions are a good place to start, but you cant just put poker players into neatly defined categories.Strategies to Use Against Them, now that weve mentioned some of the different types of aggressive players youll meet at the tables, its time to discuss some of the strategies that you can use against them.

You really need to observe the tendencies of your opponents and understand just how far they will go to take you off a hand.
It doesnt mean you have to avoid playing pots with them, but if youre in a marginal spot then you dont necessarily have to test yourself.
You might even check the river with a monster hand because you know that they cant win without a big bet.
The Turn The turn is and your opponent checks: Figure 3 Okay this is a good sign.Ivey League Yet another video training site, but with names like Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius behind it, they set themselves apart from the others.Instead of wasting your time checking out the many training sites out there, take a look at the above list, and get ready to win big!The focus is on watching videos of successful players (over 800 videos but they also have podcasts and a forum, and a TPE University feature with multiple courses.Well, there is certainly a chance that he has an Ace with a higher kicker, but you got into this pot with a marginal hand against a very aggressive opponent.It really depends who youre playing against.You are definitely ahead of the range he is likely to be raising with.The player directly on your right has been very aggressive from the start of the tournament.The River The river is a and your opponent bets 500 into the 875 pot: Figure 4 Since the opponent could have any two cards here and there were no significant draws, there is a high likely hood that your opponent is bluffing.Theyre not necessarily bad players, but they can get drunk with power.Its a little tough to navigate the site, but they sell video packs for 40 to over 200.You have to expect him to continue the aggression and its very possible you have the best hand, so you cant change your mind and get scared now.If so, I would be more inclined to call here in order to induce the bluff.For example, if you have been playing tight and you raise here, he will usually fold any hands that you are beating.The list is not necessarily in order, as different sites have different strengths.